Monday, June 9, 2014

I’m A Blessed Little Girl – June 8, 2014

This week was a great week!
I know that the Lord is so very aware of us and our situation. I KNOW the power of fasting from experience. I am so incredibly full of gratitude for all the trials the Lord has blessed me with because they have brought forth some incredibly rich blessings. I truly don´t have anything to complain about. Yes, I may have trials but overall I’m SOOOO incredibly blessed. I have a great family, great friends, the góspel, good health, and I’m participating in the most important work on the earth. How could I be more blessed? I love the Lord and I’m so full of love and gratitude for all of my refiner´s fires. I can´t help but smile when I think about everything I’ve learned through them.

Come what may and love it.
Hermana Israelsen

HE LISTENS – May 26, 2014

This week I had some neat experiences with prayer. The past month has been a little harder but I´m still happy to be a missionary! I´m just learning a lot right now haha but it was a week that I needed a little understanding from the Lord so I spent a good amount of time on my knees. As
I knelt in prayer to talk to my Father in Heaven about everything that was going on and how I was feeling I had an interesting experience. I begin expressing to him what was going on and what I wanted so that it would become better. I thought I was humbly praying when in reality I was trying to council the Lord on my situation. Like it says in the scriptures the purpose of prayer isn´t to change the mind of God but rather to bring ourselves in harmony with his will for us. As I let go of my own will, cares, worries, wants, and stresses, I finally found some relief and peace. It was incredible. As I expressed to the Lord my desire to do what he needed me to do even if that meant continuing the same as I have He blessed me with peace and relief. The thing that has been standing in the way of me receiving that help has been my own will. I was reluctantly holding onto my own will and wasn´t ready to give it up. As I finally gave him my will and said, ¨Not my will but thine be done¨ that relief, comfort, and peace came. That was the first lesson I was reminded of this week.
The second was that as I continued to pray I wondered if my prayers were really changing anything because I didn´t feel any different. I learned a great lesson this week about that as well. Our father in Heaven does listen but he also helps us with our problems in a certain way. He listens first. He doesn´t just magically make everything better the second that we get on our knees and open our mouths because he has to teach us a little first (I do believe in miracles though and there are moments where the Lord will give us an immediate answer to our prayers if we ask). Anyways, he listens first. He listens, comforts, and then always always always begins to teach us about his Son Jesus Christ. As we begin to learn about his Son, that´s when we find peace, comfort, understanding, miracles, and solutions.
So if you feel like the Lord doesn´t listen or answer your prayers because things aren´t better, please ponder this. Our loving Father in Heaven listens to us but knows that the only solution is through his Son Jesus Christ so he dearly wants us to learn of him as he helps us. So look at what the Lord is trying to teach you about his Son and I promise you that you´ll find you´re solutions there. The Lord also knows what´s best for us. Sometimes what we ask for isn´t what´s best for us even though we may be convinced that it is. Once again, as we trust in him and trust that his way is better things will all come together for our good. Everything will work out if we´ll just put our trust in the one who can see it all. Love you all. Every struggle we have is to teach us more about our need for the Savior and how His atonement applies to us. Look for those lessons.
Come what may and love it!
Hermana Israelsen


I´ve been thinking again about how good change is for us and yet how hard it can be. I began thinking about all of the refiner´s fires that the Lord has asked me to walk through over the past 14 months and how many blessings have come from those moments. I´m completely filled to the brim with gratitude for every trial I have had and for what has come from them. The things that I have learned will not only bless me on the mission but will bless me for the rest of my life. The Lord has slowly been chipping away at some rough edges and working on purifying me. He still has a lot of work to do but I can say that I´m a better person now than I was 14 months ago. I still have far to go but that´s just life.
My current relationship with the Savior can be traced back to one single prayer offered 13 months ago in the MTC. One single plea to be able come to know the Savior better, to have a trial of my faith, to purify and purge me resulted in more blessings than I could have ever thought possible. I´m so incredibly grateful for that one night and that the Lord heard that prayer. There have been a lot of trials and a lot of tough moments but also some incredibly sweet ones. My Father in Heaven never fails to listen to me and teach me about his Son, Jesus Christ. I know that Christ is my personal Savior. He understands all of my struggles, worries, pains, and problems. he truly knows how to succor his people. He knows exactly what I need to keep moving forward thanks to the atonement. The atonement has changed my mission and my life. I love you and I love the Lord.
Come what may and love it!
Hermana Israelsen

Put Your Faith Where Your Worries Are - May 12, 2014

The past 5 months have really taught me an important principle about faith in the Lord. A few months ago I was getting a little too stressed out about the little things that were going wrong every day and began focusing more on my worries than my faith. I´ve always known that I need to trust in the Lord and his timing and I’ve always tried to live that principle but in the past few months I really came to learn the principle of worrying less and letting the Lord do more of the work. I´m not saying that I am working less and expecting the lord to just magically make things right. What I learned is that I need to continue doing everything that I can but trust that the Lord has all power and will provide a way in everything if I’ll just trust in him. There´s a reason for everything that happens.
Love you
Come what may and love it!
Hermana Israelsen

Saturday, May 10, 2014

AN INFINITE LOVE – May 9, 2014

So news first.  I got a call last Saturday from President  and he asked me if I would train a new missionary. So looks like I will be finishing my mission training a new missionary. I’m really excited and that´s exactly what I need. I need the boost that comes from a new missionary because they are just so full of faith, energy, optimism, and excitement. I´m nervous but I know that it´s going to be fun.

This week was full of little tender mercies from the Lord. I was having a Little bit of a tougher week and asked the lord for a Little push to keep me going so that if could do his work. I just needed a little reminder that he knows my situation and is providing a path for me. That answer came very quickly. Today we were at la Fería where there are thousands and thousands of people gathered and someone grabbed my arm, flipped me around, and just hugged me. I was so confused as to what was going on and could only hug them back just hoping that I knew them. haha. As I pulled back I realized who it was. It was one of the members in my Ward in Elche that had taken care of me in my most difficult moments. Her family is from here and she just happened to be visiting here this week and felt like she should go to the fería that day. Out of all of the Thousands and thousands of people there we just happened to run into each other. Obviously it wasn´t just coincidence and that there was divine help there. I was absolutely overcome with joy. I could hardly speak as I just hugged her again and screamed. That was the second witness for me that the Lord is so very aware of what I am doing right now. I could not be any more grateful to the Lord for his mercy and love. I know that he is very aware of me right this very second. I can´t deny that.

I’ve found again and again that the Lord will never pass up an opportunity to show his children that he loves them. If you wonder if the Lord truly loves you and is aware of you please go ahead and just ask him. He will be more than willing and joyous to show you just how much he loves and cares for you. He´s done it for me a million times over and I know that he´ll continue to show me his love for me if I’ll just look for it.

As it says in the scriptures there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from the love of the Lord. Don´t ever think that you have lost the Lord´s love and that he has forgotten of you because that is frankly impossible. ¨the Lord´s love is there for you whether you deserve it or not.¨ He loves you so dearly and knows who you are. He knows your situation right now and what you´re praying for. Don´t forget how much you mean to him and if you don´t believe me why don´t you just ask him yourself.

Also, don´t forget
Come what may and love it
Hermana Israelsen

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Everyone’s Thirsty – April 28, 2014

I just got my trunky papers this week. For those of you who don´t know, trunky papers are what you get when you have to start making arrangements to go home from the missions. I was pretty upset. One phrase really just killed me inside it said “In preparation for the arrival of the end of your mission service.” That one sentence was like a dagger in the heart. I’ve just decided that I’m going to enjoy every second that I have left and not really think about it because there´s still plenty of time in life.
This area is still the hardest one I’ve worked in yet but in truly do just love it. About 9 of the 10 people we talk to are completely atheist and don´t hold back in letting us know what they think of us and our missions ;) Haha but the Lord has definitely placed some of his choice children here in the pueblo. Things are getting better every day! I feel very blessed to be able to be here and see the Lord perform some incredible miracles here. I have no doubt that there are many more prepared people waiting here for us and no amount of heat is gonna stop me from finding them.
The mission has completely changed me well not quite. I was trying to figure out why and how this week when it hit me. The mission itself hasn´t changed me. Just because I have a nametag on and have worn a skirt for the past year hasn´t meant that I’ve changed. It´s the atonement that has changed me inside and out. My mission has helped me see the infinite power of the atonement in my own life and in the lives of those I love. My mission has pushed me to my very limits and made me use the atonement in ways that I never had thought of before. My mission has expanded my understanding of the atonement and of the gospel. It´s the atonement and the gospel that changes us. The atonement has carried me every single day of my mission and will continue to carry me for the rest of eternity. I’m sorry that this email is so short because I so dearly wish I had the time to express my thoughts about the atonement. My mission has changed my focus from being on myself, to others, and finally on the Savior.
Come what may and love it!
Hermana Israelsen.


Sunday Will Come – April 21, 2104

Because Easter was just yesterday I have been thinking a lot about an old talk by Elder Wirthlin. So these have been my thoughts during the week. I think we all have many moments in our lives, and they may even happen frequently, when we look forward and question if we can go any further. We may wonder when the challenges will end or when we´ll find relief. We might question how this could possibly be for our good or in the most desperate of moments we might even wonder if the Lord really has a plan for us.
 As we all know this weekend was Easter weekend. On Thursday Christ went to Gethsemane and suffered for every one of us. On Friday the Savior was crucified. I´m sure Thursday, Friday and Saturday were filled with challenges, pains, and struggles for everyone. It was Sunday however that the Savior fulfilled his promises and rose again. He broke the chains of death and made it possible that we could all live again. That beautiful Sunday morning was what gave all of that pain and suffering a purpose. That Sunday morning gave us all hope and purpose. So for those of you who feel like you´re at the end of your rope, who feel like you´re too weak and tired to move on, or feel as if your load is too heavy just remember that just like for the Savior it didn´t last forever. Thursday and Friday were more difficult than we can begin to comprehend but Sunday came. That glorious Sunday came and brought us all new life. I add my testimony to Elder Wirthlín´s as I say that for any of you that are struggling, burdened, or discouraged - Sunday will come. There will be relief to your suffering and an end to your trial. I don´t know when but I do know that Sunday will come. The Lord will fulfill his promises to you and will give you all of the blessings he has promised you if you´ll just hang on for a little longer and be faithful. Sunday will always come. Like it was for Joseph Smith your trials, problems, worries, and struggles will only last for ¨a small moment and then if thou endure it well, god shall exalt thee on high.¨ ¨peace be unto thy soul¨. I testify that Christ lives. He lives so that we can live too. Because of him, Sunday will come for us all. I love the Lord and I am his representative. Sunday will always come.
Hermana Israelsen